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  • We have arrived in one piece, thank goodness. Our apartment is lovely and we are settling in well! Don't forget to look at the pictures!
  • We took a trip up to the Petrified Forest & The Meteorite Crater. It is really cool to see the unusual landscapes of a land that is very barren. See the album for some of the cool shots we took.
  • We took a trip to a place called Sedona in Red Rock country, recommended by Aengus' mom Sheila. It was absolutely fantastic. You will see a couple of shots in the album. These shots were taken from the centre of the town.
  • We went to a museam showing the history of Tempe, a city north of Chandler. On Sunday we went to Phoenix Zoo. This was absolutely lovely mind you it was a bit hot to be walking around outside....You will see some good shots of this in the album also.
  • Our most amazing trip so far was to the Grand Canyon. What a sight! We actually walked the south rim trail and didn't fall in although Aengus tried on numerous occassions. He just wanted to see down apparently!
  • We are home finally. Glad to be here. We had a great time but there is no place like home.
  • More news next week.


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